Outdoor 2003

Youth Players & Parents

There have been a large number of updates to this site regarding the upcoming Outdoor season.  Please check the Outdoor page by following the link above for details!

For Xtreme tryout information, follow the Xtreme link at the top right

Calling All Interested Female Players

The Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association is hosting an adult program for Outdoor 2003.  Our aim is to meet the needs of adult players of every calibre: Recreational, Developmental, and Competitive.  For more information about the women's program, please follow the Adults link at the top of this page, or to express interest, please e-mail the Women's Program Director,  Angie Tarasoff, ASAP.


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To provide the opportunity for all children in our communities to play and enjoy the sport of soccer

To encourage and promote the development of physical strength, skill, and a sense of fair play and teamwork in all participants. 

To provide a soccer program that allows and encourages every child to grow to reach his or her maximum potential in the sport of soccer. 

To structure and operate an association that recognizes the needs of the community league members that form the foundation for its growth and success, while striving to do what is best for the sport of soccer and the youth who participate.


Last Updated: March 01, 2003