North Zone Referee Information

Outdoor 2003 Referee Courses

The Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association is in the process of booking its 2003 Outdoor Referee courses.  If you are interested in becoming a referee, or upgrading your certification, please e-mail usPlease provide your full name, age, phone number and address, so that we can contact you with the dates and times.

Please note that the Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association will subsidize the cost of the referee course for those candidates who are willing to commit to refereeing in the North Zone upon passing their course.

Age Requirements

Ages Class Information
12-13 Class 5 Can referee U-10 11-a-side
12-13 Class 5 Mini Can referee only Mini Soccer Games (U-6 to U-10)
14-16 Class 4 Class 4 referees aged 15 and under can referee U-12.

Class 4 referees aged 16 can referee U-14.

17 and Up Class 3 Class 3 referees can referee U-16 games.

Please note that discretion is always used when assigning referees.  Even though a 17 year old is eligible to referee U-16 games, it is not necessarily advisable to do so, given the close ages of the players and the intensity of the games.  One of the considerations when assigning youth referees is to provide opportunities for the referee to develop his or her skills in a safe environment.

Already a Referee and Available to Work?

We need you!  Please let us know that you're available by sending us an e-mail!  Note your name, address, phone number, age, certification level, and days available, so that we can update our database, and our Referee Assignor will get in touch with you.